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“A child’s ability to read has an impact on their success in the classroom, in their job, and in life in general. Reading and comprehension are the backbone of the learning journey at Kanakia Kids. Reading is developed and evolved through modest interventions that are seamlessly blended with the theme that the students are studying, rather than being introduced to the child as a subject that needs to be taught on purpose.”- Rupal Kanakia, Chairperson, RBKEI

The Importance of Reading to Young Children and its Top Five Benefits

January 29, 2024

At Kanakia Kids, we cultivate a love for reading in children at a young age. In addition to learning about the characters, stories, and different genres of the books, children read books for the sheer pleasure of reading and appreciating them. In order to highlight reading as a pleasurable pastime, special events like book character parades, literary festivals, author of the week, etc., are purposefully incorporated into the school’s academic year.

Through enjoyable and engaging exercises, children are encouraged to increase their reading, comprehension, and fluency. To help children make reading meaningful, teachers frequently urge them to ponder aloud, draw conclusions and connections, or repeat the important details. One such enjoyable activity that our students look forward to is the literacy circle, where they take on reading challenges and act out fascinating roles. In addition to these exercises, appropriate reading programmes give students skills and confidence in their reading abilities.

Here are the top five benefits of reading to children at a young age: The Kanakia Kids Way:

  • Develop communication, social, and literacy skills: At Kanakia Kids, we use reading to help our young students develop important language, literacy, and social skills. Students get the chance to expand their vocabulary in enjoyable ways in addition to learning the meaning of language. For Kanakia Kids, “engaging meeting time” gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their agency while also encouraging them to use newly chosen vocabulary words that are purposefully taught every week. A highly-coveted space for our students is the tastefully decorated library, which also features a librarian who engages kids in a range of books and related activities. Our students eagerly await and enthusiastically engage in various vocabulary-building games that are frequently played with kids.
  • Improved focus and discipline: Young children frequently struggle to focus for extended periods of time, but not at Kanakia Kids! Our preschoolers show better self-discipline and a longer attention span when it comes to reading time, when they come together for reading time.
  • Enhanced imagination and creativity: At Kanakia Kids, we believe that reading to kids regularly helps them focus and expand their creative and imaginative faculties. This helps them even more to imagine new thoughts and notions.
  • Strong cognitive development: Reading not only empowers young children on a social, creative, and literary level but also fosters overall cognitive development. It enables them to process new information more quickly, learn valuable skills, and retain knowledge about various topics.
  • Preparation for academic success: At Kanakia Kids, we prepare young learners for academic success by cultivating a love for reading. Numerous studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well when they reach their period of formal education.

At Kanakia Kids, in addition to our reading programmes, we encourage parents to build strong connections with their children by spending quality time reading to them. Reading to the kids can accomplish a number of goals, including sharing a story, starting a conversation, and strengthening your relationship with them.
Author- Ms Anupama Dubey, Academic Advisor (Foundation & Primary Years), RBKEI


Chairperson, RBKEI
Committed to giving people across India access to education and literacy, she is extremely passionate about her vision. It is through education that Ms. Rupal Kanakia wants to enable women and the youth of today to progress tomorrow.


Director, RBKEI
Determined to create a world-class atmosphere for early childhood learning that is balanced and encouraging. Ms. Niyati strives to usher young learners onto the path of learning eternal values and develop them to reach the best of their potential.

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