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IB Curriculum

Kanakia Kids provides IB Transdisciplinary program which is engaging, exciting, significant and equally challenging for the children.
Early learning focuses on key developmental abilities to support young students in becoming self-regulated learners. Collaboratively planned units of inquiry are developed and continually modified, based on the reflections from the young learners.
The transdisciplinary themes are cognitively and developmentally appropriate for young learners because they provide an authentic context for students to learn increasingly complex ideas about themselves and the world around them.




The students explore and know about significant and relevant content, taking into consideration prior experience and understanding. Knowledge is developed through unifying themes.

These themes are used to integrate subject knowledge across the main curriculum areas of: Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Technology, Arts, Personal, Physical and Social Education (PSPE).




Kanakia Kids IB believes relationships shape educational outcomes, and uses IB’s ATT (Attitude Towards Teaching) & ATL (Attitude Towards Learning) to develop these relationships. The ATL supports student learning and the six ATT guide educators towards an IB education.

A Day




  • Community events
  • Digital curriculum documents
  • Podcast & blogs (GiGi’s world)
  • Engagement through social media
  • Access to collaborative learning hub
  • Monthly calendars
  • Online Q&A support
  • Parent partnership program
  • Printable learning resources
  • School Desk App
  • LIVE webinars with experts and professionals
  • Secure class and homework portfolio sharing
  • Personalised and differentiated learning strategies