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Life at

Kanakia Kids

Our schools are affiliated to CBSE/CISCE/IB/Cambridge curriculum.
Kanakia Kids schools bring together the best practices into all our curriculum offerings, irrespective of the affiliation with international or national curriculum.



Kanakia Kids offers enriching experiences and extra-curricular activities run by our dedicated teaching staff team. All year round, students can take part in activities to pursue their innate interests, develop skills, and explore new horizons.

From creative and performing arts to additional subject choices and sports, we offer a range of activities to suit every energetic young mind. Regular sports activities include Football, Chess, Basketball, Table Tennis, and Athletics to name but a few.

Extra-curricular activities encourage students’ aspirations and provide them with the foundations and life skills to compete in the world beyond school and grow in their lifelong learning.


Learning Beyond

The Classroom

Subjects taught in the school must go beyond the books, board & class. At Kanakia Kids, we invest in cross-curricular integration and our learners are engaged in inquiry-based and concept-based learning. Technology is integrated into creative and innovative ways while culture is embedded in a mindset that continuously evolves in the direction of growth.

We persuade students and provide them with opportunities to move beyond the classroom to connect with the world around them to make a difference in meaningful ways. Learning at Kanakia Kids is indeed an experience in leading change.

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Fresh, tasty & healthy meals at Kanakia Kids are prepared by highly experienced catering professionals, in hygienic & well-equipped kitchens. The canteen caters to students, staff and families.

The menu is planned to maintain variety and norms of nutritional value. The menu includes multi-cuisine, pure-vegetarian dishes; a mixture of Indian, Continental, and Oriental.




Students are exposed to a variety of leadership
opportunities that reflect the unique blend of
interests within the community.

Music and

The Arts

The music and arts section in the preprimary school is a vibrant and creative environment where young children are introduced to the world of artistic expression.

Here, kids have the opportunity to explore various forms of art, including painting, drawing, music, and dance. This nurturing environment not only fosters a love for the arts but also promotes essential skills such as fine motor coordination, imagination, and an appreciation for different forms of art, setting a strong foundation for their future artistic endeavors.



At Kanakia Kids participation in our athletic program is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also a privilege and a valuable education experience.


STREAM program, the emphasis is on hands-on, play-based learning. This approach not only helps children develop a strong foundation in these essential subjects but also fosters a love for learning and a curiosity about the world around them.

It can also help children develop important 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability.

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Incorporating horticulture in early years is a fun and educational experience for young children. It helps them develop a connection with the natural world, promotes a sense of responsibility, and nurtures an early interest in environmental and scientific concepts.

Being in the presence of nature always helps to calm us down. Children not only become more responsible but also learn various concepts while taking care of plants.

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Atelier in Reggio Emilia philosophy is a creative space for children to work with a variety of materials and express themselves freely. It supports all forms of expression and encourages creative thinking.

At Kanakia Kids children are exposed to various ateliers:

Digital Atelier

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Paper Atelier

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Photography Atelier

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At Kanakia Kids, we value the crucial role of parents in a child’s education. As the first facilitators, parents shape their child’s attitudes towards learning and provide support at home.

We welcome them as partners in education, offering opportunities to participate in school activities and provide suggestions.

By involving parents, we aim to create a well-rounded learning experience and foster a sense of community among our parents, teachers and learners.


Health & Safety

Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to grow and thrive in. That’s why we prioritize safety at every level, from our secure infrastructure to our well-trained staff.

Each academic year commences with POCSO training of the school staff which makes them aware of the child safety protocol. Also, the facilitator diligently monitors the class for any kind of exclusion of any learner and children are empowered to express themselves and learn to empathize with others.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond physical security to include emotional and social well-being as well. We work closely with each child to ensure that they feel valued, respected, and included in our community.


Educational researchers have shown the importance of parental engagement in the success of their child’s education.

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