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Established in 2000, with the distinguished aim of providing quality education to the youth of India, the main aim behind this project has always been to provide a holistic education that enables growth, optimism, hard work and an all-round development with a better understanding of the cultural, moral, and social contexts of our life.

As we proceeded through this journey of building efficient teaching- learning environments, we discovered that the key to superlative schools lies in training its biggest resource- its personnel.

RBK Teachers’ Professional Development Center has been set up with the mission of building up a workforce that shares our dedication and passion for challenges that our profession brings to us. Over the years, we have built up a program which results in our trainees not only being eagerly absorbed in our chain of schools but also in other institutions.

Through its training, RBK Teachers’ Professional Development Center enables us to live out our dreams of spreading enriching and exciting learning environments everywhere.

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RBKEI’s ECCED program is designed to enhance your expertise in being a preschool teacher.

A structured course conducted by highly experienced teachers gives you in-depth insight and knowledge making you ready to launch your career as a preschool teacher.

Hear from one of the beneficiaries of the recent ECCED program.

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Dr. Shitala Prabhu

Principal, RBKTPDC

Dear Members of RBKTPDC family,
Greetings and good wishes!
The dynamic world of today looks at a new horizon every day. As each one of us aims at broadening our panorama of opportunities and capabilities, it is important to remember the contribution of education that makes it all happen. To achieve the objective of education, the teacher with a growth mind-set in the classroom is the biggest asset we have.

RBK’s Mission is to offer today’s youth a solid foundation in life that’s built on sound education, values, physical and mental well-being along with strong interpersonal skills. It is imperative that the teacher stays a step ahead with professional development and updating of skills.
Thus, the teacher training courses at RBK Teachers’ Professional Development Centre (TPDC) aim to:

Inspire teachers to shape creative and joyful learning environments that provide young minds a comprehensive, well rounded education with language and value development, creating and developing connection with our heritage.

Develop knowledge, skill and creativity to evolve teachers into empathetic and learner-centric communicators in their teaching and instructions

Offer opportunities for learning to go global by imbibing new methods and technologies in education used in India and abroad

Expand the teacher’s toolbox by cultivating focus to innovate, collaborate and emerge with advantages from the ever-changing technologically advanced world in a fun and energetic way

Create connections with the real world which has unfathomable potential to take learning beyond the rote and promote lifelong learning

Synthesize theory and practical learning to facilitate teacher development

Strengthen ethics to build positive footprint with professional behaviour

Research has demonstrated a positive effect of certified teachers in school learning. Recent technological advances have also enhanced the way the world learns, teaches, and works together.

We at RBK Teachers’ Professional Development Centre believe in the potential of all who embrace our courses, whether you are a teacher with experience or an individual wishing to make a beginning. Our practitioners have made a mark in the field of education and are successful teachers with renowned institutions.

As we spread our wings in education to bring you a bouquet of courses for professional development, let us collaborate as passionate lovers of teaching to nurture lifelong learners.

Wishing you all the best in your career!

Dr. Shitala Prabhu



RBKEI works to ensure optimal development of good teachers into effective educators. RBKEI in order to achieve its vision shall implement the mission as action pillars.

To facilitate the continuous analysis and synthesis of early childhood evidences and research.

To provide opportunities for professional development and learning related to early childhood development through strategic events, external outlets and strengthen national networks through targeted technical support.

To build coalitions to create a supportive environment to leverage resources for ECD.
To acquaint the teachers about how to apply early childhood theories, knowledge and skills to their everyday practices.

To illustrate how early childhood teachers dedicate themselves in helping children learn, grow and develop to their full potential.

To acquaint and equip teachers on use of technology in developing innovative pedagogy.

To develop effective communication strategies for teaching purpose and general classroom management.

To impact a broad- based general professional knowledge in the field of young learners. To train the trainees in organizing and managing pre – school.


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‘Diploma in Early Childhood Care And Education’ Programme


‘Diploma in Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications’ Programme


International Early Year Teachers’ Training Programme




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Classroom Management

Handling parents during PTMs


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