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To Kanakia Kids

Where we bring imagination to life!

Our goal at Kanakia Kids is to encourage children to be the authors of their own unique learning stories, to present them with learning opportunities that facilitates their minds in drawing real-world connections and recognizing patterns with both logic and creativity.

We welcome children aged 2.5 to 5 years old into a caring and welcoming environment where they feel safe, happy, and challenged in the indoor as well as outdoor environment.

Our approach to education is open-ended and fluid, where learning is unrestricted. We strive to develop strong bodies, open minds, and passionate hearts.

Galileo, the “Father of Modern Science” had a multifaceted
personality being an Astronomer, Physicist, Professor
and Engineer.
“GiGi” our mascot personifies the qualities of this great
personality and is a life-long learner, curious, independent
thinker and open-minded to new lines of inquiry. Being of
scientific temper, has diverse perspectives and works in
collaboration, holding high his head and values that make
him unique and a better global learner.

Galileo Galilei

(nicknamed as “GiGi the Giraffe“)


We believe in enriching young minds with knowledge, skills and humanistic values. Our innovative curriculum strives for academic excellence, as well as the development of our students into lifelong learners and 21st century leaders. We aspire to create an inspiring environment for young enquiring minds that will soon go on to make the world a better place.


We deliver a collaborative, advanced education that fosters the necessary etiquette, skills, and mental and physical well-being required to form self-motivated leaders and responsible future citizens. Inquiring young minds will find an educative environment perfectly suited for their ever-growing curiosities.

Kanakia Kids

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The ability to find solutions to problems is a crucial trait sought in leaders, and it should be cultivated from childhood. While having the internet and limitless technology readily available is convenient, it may not necessarily foster resourcefulness in children. Therefore, we are dedicated to nurturing this trait in our children through activities that encourage them to think creatively, invent new things, and push the boundaries of their thinking.

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Teaching children to place equal importance on achievement and happiness, as well as caring for others, is our approach. We foster their innate sense of empathy and emphasize the significance of compassion alongside academic success. Cultivating empathetic children isn’t solely beneficial to society; it also enhances their emotional intelligence and contributes to their future success.

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By teaching students to express their thoughts, needs, and concerns with confidence and respect, we empower them to navigate challenges effectively. Through open dialogue, role-playing, and practical exercises, we encourage students to develop the essential skill of assertive communication. This not only enhances their self-esteem and self-advocacy but also equips them with the tools needed for successful interactions, both in the classroom and in their future endeavors.

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It is crucial for all children to learn the delicate balance between maintaining positive self-esteem and embracing humility. In a culture that often stresses the importance of praise and validation, it is vital to instill humility in children alongside their confidence and positive self-esteem. When a child possesses self-assurance, they do not perceive themselves as inferior to others. Embracing humility includes the ability to admit one’s mistakes, acknowledge when they don’t know the answer, and willingly give credit to others, thus emphasizing the importance of this virtue.

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