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“At Kanakia Kids Schools, our team of educators and staff understands how to make the most of these early, crucial years to support a child’s overall development in terms of their physical, social, emotional, creative, linguistic, and cognitive growth. We also recognise the importance of learning during a child’s formative years. This not only positions children for success in elementary school but also provides them with a foundation for lifelong learning and growth,”- Ms. Rupal Kanakia, Chairperson, Chairperson RBKEI

The Importance of Early Childhood Education and its Top Ten Benefits!

January 09, 2024

More than 85% of a child’s overall brain development occurs before the age of six. Experiences during the early years (3–6-year-olds) lay the foundation for positive social and cognitive learning in the future. During this period, the brain is most open to the influence of experiences and relationships because children undergo rapid growth in all domains: physical, cognitive, social, and emotional.

Our goal at Kanakia Kids Schools is to encourage children to be the authors of their own unique learning stories and to present them with learning opportunities that facilitate their minds in drawing real-world connections and recognising patterns with both logic and creativity.

Here are the top ten benefits of ‘learning in the early years, the Kanakia Kids way:

  • Socialisation: Kanakia Kids Schools is a place of adventure, growth, and learning for preschoolers. We welcome children aged 2.5 to 5 years old into a caring and welcoming environment where they feel safe and happy to socialise and forge friendships with their peers. This helps to develop self-confidence in your children by eliminating their shy nature.
  • Enthusiasm for Lifelong Learning: Children develop a hunger for learning as play accompanies all the activities under the school’s curriculum that encapsulates the overall learning experiences of our learners. For instance, our STREAM program highlights hands-on, play-based learning which integrates different subjects. This approach not only helps children develop a strong foundation in these essential subjects but also fosters a love for learning and a curiosity about the world around them. It also helps children develop important 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, teamwork, and adaptability.
  • Holistic Development: The early years of a child are the foundational years. This is the time when our educators at Kanakia Kids cultivate a child’s cognitive, social, physical, emotional, and cultural skills, which help the child in their later school years.
  • It helps develop language, literacy, and numerical skills. Enhanced creativity through thoughtfully designed settings, a selection of toys, books, and materials, and intentional teaching practices by teachers and support staff all contribute to creating an environment that facilitates inquiry, language, literacy, and numeracy development. The learning spaces are designed to be joyful and engaging.
  • Life-skills-oriented grooming and development: Activities like role play and enactments help children develop communication skills. Visual art activities facilitate the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities through visual art activities. While ‘music and arts’ accelerates brain development and leads to better reading, communication, and language skills, dance improves coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, and spatial awareness in a fun and active way.
  • Value of Education: We inculcate the value of education amongst our young learners through inquiry-based and concept-based activities, where we also invest in cross-curricular integration. Technology is integrated into creative and innovative ways.
  • Nutrition and overall health: We uphold nutritional value for our students by using freshly made, delectable, and healthful meals that are expertly prepared by catering professionals in clean, well-equipped kitchens.
  • Learning beyond the classroom: At Kanakia Kids, we invest in cross-curricular integration and our learners are engaged in inquiry-based and concept-based learning. Technology is integrated into creative and innovative ways while culture is embedded in a mindset that continuously evolves in the direction of growth.
  • Connection with nature: Incorporating horticulture in early years is a fun and educational experience for young children. It helps them develop a connection with the natural world, promotes a sense of responsibility, and nurtures an early interest in environmental and scientific concepts.
  • Leadership qualities: Students are exposed to a variety of leadership opportunities that reflect the unique blend of interests within the community.

At Kanakia Kids, we value the crucial role of parents in a child’s education. As the first facilitators, parents shape their child’s attitudes towards learning and provide support at home. We welcome them as partners in education, offering opportunities to participate in school activities and provide suggestions. One of the best ways to get a feel of Kanakia Kids is to visit us. We welcome families to tour the school and meet with key staff, teachers and pupils. Be a part of our journey in shaping young minds.
Author- Ms Anupama Dubey, Academic Advisor (Foundation & Primary Years), RBKEI


Chairperson, RBKEI
Committed to giving people across India access to education and literacy, she is extremely passionate about her vision. It is through education that Ms. Rupal Kanakia wants to enable women and the youth of today to progress tomorrow.


Director, RBKEI
Determined to create a world-class atmosphere for early childhood learning that is balanced and encouraging. Ms. Niyati strives to usher young learners onto the path of learning eternal values and develop them to reach the best of their potential.

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