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Importance Of Play-Based Learning

September 28, 2022

“Kids need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury; it is a necessity”

When it comes to playing, we believe it is an essential component of everyone’s life. We all have a little kid inside us who enjoys lot of things that children do. Play is an essential aspect of a child’s development. Many of us intuitively understand why children need to play, yet despite its numerous advantages, we rarely equate play with learning. Learning is the process of acquiring a new skill, such as memorizing alphabets, counting, or writing. But play-based learning at Kanakia Kids is all focused on introducing different activities to keep the kids engaged in learning.

It aids in the development of possibilities for children to learn social interaction since children learn to collaborate, obey rules, and develop self-control when playing together. Children who play more acquire more empathy, which is another important component of social development. As a result, such children develop a deeper awareness of other people’s emotions and beliefs.

Physical activity-based play improves motor skills, strength, and endurance, which is good for physical health and helps children develop problem-solving skills. Pretend-playing allows youngsters to act out life’s issues, which helps them deal in a variety of ways. When youngsters try on diverse roles, they learn to see things from different viewpoints, which helps them think more abstractly. It also provides a safe environment for kids to practice their skills.

Children who play more are more likely to be happy, well adjusted, cooperative, and popular with their classmates than children who play less. Active play with others, such as parents, siblings, and peers, aids in the development of social skills. The act of pretending with friends while playing improves children’s social abilities. It is essential for children’s social development. Learners at Kanakia International School are actively engaged in different games and fun activities and showcase their learnings in every way.

It is crucial that we let the children explore the world around them through anything they play with or have fun with. As nowadays we know that children have become tech-savvy and they are very fond of gadgets, so somewhere their life is rotating around those gadgets itself, therefore, it is very important for the adults to take out sometime from their busy schedule and play with kids, which also helps in forming a bond with the family.

Sweety Shah