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Kanakia Kids

Kanakia Kids, the pre primary section of Kanakia International School, Chembur (IB Board). This childcare center is located in a serene and tranquil setting, surrounded by indoor as well as outdoor play areas.

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Kanakia Kids - (Chembur) IB



Shuchi Shukla


Kanakia Kids, Pre-primary section of Kanakia International School Chembur (IB Board) is a community that fosters creativity by allowing students to explore their latent talents and draw from each other’s academic and co-curricular passions.

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Kanakia Kids

Core Team



Our program focuses on developing social-emotional skills, language and literacy, math and science concepts, and creative expression.

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Uniquely designed play-based curriculum

PLAY accompanies all the activities under the school’s curriculum that encapsulates the overall learning experiences of our learners.



In Reggio it is said that a child is born with hundred languages through which they express themselves. Inspired with this thought. We have incorporated the best from Reggio philosophy which helps children in developing a plethora of skills through freedom and thereby gaining confidence.


Life-skills oriented grooming & development

Kanakia Kids focuses on the wholesome development of children. Activities like role play and enactments help children in developing communication skills. For example, working with the fastening frames and lacing boards help children in independently wearing shoes and clothes.


Thoughtfully Curated Learning Spaces

At Kanakia Kids, thoughtfully designed setting, selection of toys, books and materials, and intentional teaching practices by teachers contribute to creating an environment that facilitates inquiry, language, literacy, and numeracy development. The learning spaces are designed to be joyful and engaging.


Excellent indoor & outdoor play area

Indoor and the outdoor play area has been designed keeping in mind children safety foremost, and providing an inclusive environment to all. We want children to collaborate and feel confident of their achievements, hence the equipment and the premises supports this cause.



Knowledge is developed through the ‘Transdisciplinary theme’ experiences. These themes are used to integrate subject knowledge across the main curriculum area of Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Technology, Arts, Personal, Physical and Social Education (PSPE).

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Learning facilities

at Kanakia Kids

The Kanakia Kids


Learn through PLAY , where students take charge,
Set goals, engage in a natural way,
feel respected and comfortable at home.

Nurturing critical thinking and problem-solving,
rare and extraordinary.

Confidently sharing ideas and asking
questions with ease, Developing SELF-EFFICACY ,
building strong identities with ease.

Our educators VALUE students as capable beings,
Fostering respect, and trust.

Building AGENCY through self-efficacy
and play, Exploring, wondering,
creating and, learning every day.

The WHOLE CHILD approach sees potential and growth,
For lifelong learning and social responsibility, both.

Safe and stimulating LEARNING SPACES
promote risk-taking and fun,
Effective education in the early years has just begun.

ACTION , the essence of binding, doing, thinking,
and existence, Empowering students to perceive,
communities’ impact and persistence.