As we know that using hands-on activities is one of the best ways for children to learn and explore. Research has also shown that children who are taught using hands-on teaching methods perform in the best ways in school. That is why we teachers use many different activities for kids that are fun and engaging. This is quite beneficial in helping them to learn.

We love teaching with all different types of learning materials to bring learning to life. We use pom-poms wherein they count and place it same time they feel the soft material and enjoys the colors of the ball, play-dough is given to them to express their imagination and to shape up the clay they want, and more!

Hands-on learning in preschool is an important aspect. Kids learn faster when learning is combined with playful activities. Such activities allow children to use their senses while learning and doing the activity. They see, touch, and move real objects to complete tasks. This means that letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and many such things are brought to life.

Our children begin to understand the meaning behind what they are doing and it helps them to have a clear understanding of the concept that is being taught. They get excited and engage in actively in the learning because they are having fun. Kids start developing a longer attention span. This helps them to build knowledge and increase their long-term memory. It also helps children to strengthen their fine motor development skills. They learn to control, communicate, develop concentration, and dedication to finish the task at hand.

Over time we have developed amazing learning activities that children love. And our activities focus on teaching children the foundational skills they need to be successful in school. Some of the essential skills and concepts we focus on are order, patterns, sequencing, matching, letter and number identification, letter-sound correspondence, and so much more which our learners love and enjoy!

Hence, hands-on learning in preschool and kindergarten is important to help children to build a lifelong love of learning!

Author: Sakshi Rajveer