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The early years of a child are the formational years. This is when we cultivate a child’s cognitive, social, physical, emotional and cultural skills, so that these skills can be moulded into the best of the child’s abilities in later schooling years.

They form an understanding and opinion of everything during this time. How they learn and what they learn during these years define the outlook and approach they will develop towards education and the world in general later in life.

To that end, Kanakia Kids, is a place of adventure, growth and learning for pre-schoolers. We use play-based and child-centric pedagogies to provoke children’s curiosity and constantly challenge their thinking.


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Rupal Kanakia

Chairperson – Kanakia Kids

I have always been passionate about learning. So much so that I believe education is the tool that will help me empower the women and youth of the country.

For two decades, the Kanakia family has strived hard to impart quality education and I am now going to lead by example. I have always wanted to become one of the game changers in the educational space in the country.

Having grown up studying within the Indian Education dynamic and later learning how and why the rote learning methods are just not enough, I understand the needs of the system and am very well equipped with my relevant experience of leading various educational institutions and with my education and knowledge in the field gained by attending various training programs, conferences, and workshops about being an educator.

The culmination of all of the above has led to the bright start of Kanakia Kids, a pre-school with a unique curriculum for Early Years Education, that boasts of a learning environment designed specially to provoke curiosity and constantly challenge a child’s thinking. As a founder of this new venture, that is a place of adventure, growth and learning, I hope to realize my destiny of brining the best of international learning pedagogies to the country and enlighten the young minds of the 21st century learners.

olive trails preschool co-founder

Niyati Kanakia

Founder – Kanakia Kids

Niyati Kanakia is the Director of RBK Educational Institutes which cater to over 10,000 students and is also the founder of Kanakia Kids, a network of new-age preschools offering play-based learning that nurtures 1,500 toddlers and pre-schoolers. Niyati’s primary goal is to create open minded, critical thinkers while fostering an environment for creativity and development of character.

She obtained her bachelors in Business Management before pursuing an LLB from KC Law college. Through her own college and schooling experiences, Niyati developed an interest in the education sector when she witnessed a gaping need for quality programmes in our country. A curious learner herself she found a surging eagerness to bring world class education to the young learners of India.


Chief Play Promoter

Krina Chauhan

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Rupa Tank

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We believe in enriching young minds with knowledge, skills and humanistic values. Our innovative curriculum strives for academic excellence, as well as the development of our students into lifelong learners and 21st century leaders. We aspire to create an inspiring environment for young enquiring minds that will soon go on to make the world a better place.


We deliver a collaborative, advanced education that fosters the necessary etiquette, skills, and mental and physical well-being required to form self-motivated leaders and responsible future citizens. Inquiring young minds will find an educative environment perfectly suited for their ever-growing curiosities.

olive trails preschool

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.
~ O. Fred Donaldson

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